Friday, November 28, 2008

ماڵپه‌ری دیپارتمانی زمانناسی زانکۆی مه‌نچێستر باسی ڕوانگه‌، کاڵ و چه‌ند ماڵپه‌ڕی دیکه‌ی کوردی ده‌کا

New work by Matras and Reershemius

September 29, 2008
A paper co-written by Yaron Matras and Gertrud Reershemius (Aston University) comparing standardisation strategies in three stateless languages, Kurdish, Romani and Yiddish, has been translated into several different dialects of Kurdish and published on number of Kurdish literary and current affairs websites. The Kurdish text appears both in the Romanised script common in northern Kurdistan at and in the Arabic-Persian script used in the southern Kurdish areas here
The original paper was published in 1992 in the proceedings of a conference sponsored by UNESCO on ‘Standardisation of smaller languages’

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